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Overseeding Soil

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Usage: Overseeding soil is best used to overseed the lawn along with grass seed

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Overseeding Soil has a very consistent texture that is composed of compost and peat loam this light, clean and weed free soil is a terrific top dresser for existing or new lawns in conjunction with grass seed. It makes this product optimal in promoting optimal grass seed growth. The live organic compost material may include wood chips of various sizes and other material.

Using overseeding soil in combination with grass seed makes this the most cost effective way to keep your lawn fresh. When done on a consistent basis year over year, your grass is replacing grass that gets old and worn-out over time. Prevention is the best way to keep your lawn lush and green without the need to remove and replace your entire lawn and starting over.

Product Note: Please note that due to the high volume of compost in this mix, small amounts of inorganic contaminates (plastic and glass) may be present. This in no way impacts the suitability of the Overseeding Soil and its capability of growth.

1 Cubic Yard Weight = 1550lbs (approx.)

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