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Overseeding for Lawns Bundle

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Usage: Ideal starter kit for overseeding the lawn with both grass seed, fertilizer, and soil

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Our Overseeding Soil Bundle - the perfect combination of products for achieving a lush and vibrant lawn! This bundle includes:

  • 1 x 1 cubic yard bag of our premium Overseeding Soil
  • 1 x 1.5kg box of Starter Fertilizer with a 16-28-10 nutrient ratio
  • 1 x 2kg bag of our top-quality Premium Mixture Grass Seed

The Products

Overseeding Soil is a unique blend of composted materials and inert mineral stonewool. It is high in organic matter and beneficial soil microbes, and can be applied with, or without seed in a topdressing program. This blend has excellent moisture retention, thanks to the presence of the mineral stonewool, which promotes water holding for seeding. Overseeding Soil has been specifically designed to attack and break down thatch, a layer of both living and dead plant material that accumulates around the base of grass plants. This helps to eliminate heavy thatch build-up, which encourages root grow-in and nutrient transfer - keeping your lawn looking healthy and green.

When combined with our Starter Fertilizer, your lawn will receive the necessary nutrients to thrive. This 1.5kg box of fertilizer covers up to ~1000 sqft and contains a nutrient ratio of 16-28-10, ensuring your lawn gets the right amount of nutrients for optimal growth.

And don't forget the final piece of the puzzle - our Premium Mixture Grass Seed. This 2kg bag covers up to 450 sqft for new lawns or 800 sqft for overseeding. With a blend of top-quality grass seed varieties, you can be confident that your lawn will look its best in no time.

The Overseeding Soil bundle when used consistently year over year, can prevent your lawn from getting old and worn out over time. This makes it the most cost-effective way to keep your lawn fresh without the need to remove and replace your entire lawn.

Achieving a beautiful lawn has never been easier with the Overseeding Soil bundle!

Coverage Details^:

  • 1 x Overseeding Soil Garden Bag - 1 cubic yard bag, covers 600 sqft (at 1/2" coverage) OR 1200 sqft (at 1/4" coverage)
  • 1 x Starter Fertilizer - 1.5kg Box, 16-28-10, covers ~1000 sqft
  • 1 x Premium Mixture Grass Seed - 2kg Bag, covers ~450 sqft new lawn or ~800 sqft overseeding
^Coverage is dependent in application.

Product NOTE: Please note that due to the high volume of compost in this mix, small amounts of inorganic contaminates (plastic and glass) may be present. This in no way impacts the suitability of the Overseeding Soil and its ability to sustain seed growth.

1 Cubic Yard Weight = 1550lbs (approx.)

*Images are a representation of the product and may differ from the real product

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