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Starter Lawn Fertilizer 16-28-10

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Starter Lawn Fertilizer 16-28-10 - the perfect solution for giving your new grass seed or sod installation a terrific boost! Our formulated fertilizer is specifically designed to provide the necessary nutrients for healthy and robust growth.

Each 2kg box of Starter Lawn Fertilizer covers up to 600 square feet, making it an ideal choice for small to medium-sized lawns. Applying the fertilizer is a breeze - simply use a standard spreader for even coverage.

Our carefully crafted fertilizer contains a nutrient ratio of 16-28-10, ensuring that your lawn gets the right amount of nutrients for optimal growth. Whether you're installing new grass seed or sod, our Starter Lawn Fertilizer will provide the necessary boost to establish a healthy and vibrant lawn.

Don't let a lack of nutrients hold back the growth of your new lawn. Give it the boost it needs with Starter Lawn Fertilizer 16-28-10!

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