Sod Grass (Rolls)

$0.36 sq. ft. + tax

Our fresh sod is the #1 Quality Kentucky Blue Grass variety grown locally. It is best suited for the cool climates of Canada. With its naturally darker color, this variety of sod requires less fertilizer and provides a thicker or denser grass which means less weeds and chemicals. Each roll of sod comes in 2 feet x 4.5 feet sheet = 9 square feet. All sod product shipped via Garden Bag comes on a skid to ensure product quality upon delivery (no exceptions). One skid = 100 rolls or 900 square feet.

Product is now available to order.  It is strongly suggested that you order to reserve your quantity so that your project is not delayed. We carry limited quantities each day to ensure daily freshness.

Important Notes:

  • A $15 deposit required per skid (refunded when returned by customer)
  • Ordering with a Garden Bag product, delivery is $25
  • Ordering without a Garden Bag product, delivery is $99
Actual Area (sq. ft.)9
Total Price$3.25